Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what a novel idea

Soon it will be time to go back to Paris. Soon it will be time to pack up all my traveling circus equipment (art stuff) and take the show back to the other side of the pond.I have been here about 4 weeks and it seems I have been glued to my desk the whole time.It seems that way because its true (am I complaining again?) no dear reader Im not.I love being glued.
I have flown many times now (with the aid of a jet plane) across the atlantic. I do what most people do I suppose.I watch the stupid bad films that always seem to stop every three minutes.I listen to the captain state the obvious over and over a very very loud sound system (forget sleeping).I watch people get cranky and rude.I look at the very sad 'in flight' magazines and spend way too much time looking at the sky mall catalog (an amazing collection of stuff you would never buy on terra firma) I look forward to the really bad food and of course marvel at the angelic flight attendants as they scream at the passengers (the customer is never right when 30 thousand feet above ground it seems) Only when one actually leaves the plane might the beauties in uniform crack a smile 'thank you for flying with us' 'Oh ! the pleasure has been all mine' I smile back. I say all this and its not a very unique story. We all have stories from hell or rather in this case, 30 thousand feet closer to heaven.So I have decided (because the mood is perfect) to write a novel.As you have probably guessed, if you come to this site often that I am no writer. This of course is why I am writing one chunk of chapter a flight.I have written 2 already. Someone once asked a writer is there was a novel in all of us? and the writer replied 'Yes and thats where it should remain". Im not writing this to get it published (although don't think Im not going to shop it around) Im writing it to pass the time. Im writing it to expand a part of my brain that is usually occupied with all things visual. A few cans of paint and a few old oak easels.I really enjoy it, in fact I'm loving it. It's not that hard, all the words already exist in a book called the dictionary, the key is to pull out all the right ones and put them in the right order that make some form of sense. It's a lot of fun to create a a story and add and tweak and scratch out.I do this already of course with my art, as we all know, the process in most of the arts is the same...So what is my story about you ask? (I know I know you never asked) Well I will give you the name of the book and the first sentence for free (you will have to buy the book 9 flights from now)

By Philip Brooker

Reginald Sweettooth looked and smelled like an abandoned old house.

If it doesn't work out I can always think very very hard about wether to have the chicken or the beef. (I always take the chicken) I could also learn to spell in that 9 hour flight.That could also come in handy.
Now where did I put that dictonerarry, dicktinory,dectaniory....Damn!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck, dear, last time I decided to be a writer on a plane, I was thrilled. I opened my cuty tiny MacBook just to realize 90 minutes of battery don't last long when you have to close it all the time to adjust to turbulences, invent a new groiny painfree position, stop neighbours from stealing the arm rest and protect your tool from V8 spilling (can't they use heavy glasses for God sake, with a lead bottom?)
I did not write a story, hardly wrote a post actually...
Maybe you gonna write old fashion, with a 5H and a little notepad. In this case, do they provide special rows for left handers?
Last time I flew Continental Airlines, I was so bored (how come they buy the worst movies on earth?)that I took a Mensa test on the inflight magazine. I was very proud because I passed 7O% of it (English is not my mother tongue and they asked about an obscure american author I have never heard off). When I bragged about my results to my son, he just replied : "Mum, this is inflight Mensa test!!!"

Question n° one :
"Who wrote a famous NewYorkTimes bestseller in a Miami Paris flight experiencing the most excruciating butt pain, therefore sublimating it in an heart wrenching redemption tale?"
You got 2 minutes


Of course with a pencil..I do all my best thinking with a 1b.........Me is the answer

Anonymous said...

There is so much to do...so do it all, while you can.

I would say I am surprised, but I am not. Not in the slightest.