Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have been putting this off (the blog) for a long long time, mainly because I hate the name blog. Also because as my header suggests, I cant spell... 
I will tell you what this blog is not. It's not going to be a slick but vacant day to day or week to week account of things that go on in my life. It's not going to be the rantings of a lonely person who needs to be heard (not that photos of picking up laundry and tales of the supermarket don't make for riverting reading)    Also It's not going to be very funny (as hard as I'll try to make it that sometimes) It's not going to have any little gimmicks that might keep you vaguely interested.
What it will be (hopefully) is a random and somewhat strange collection of thoughts (most of them visual) and sketches 
for ideas ( Also I will be posting by popular demand 'Postcards from Paris')     Yes thats it!!!!!   It's all becoming clear now.   What my blog is going to be, is a sketchbook of ideas, as seen in images and words.......O.K. now that I know what I'm doing, lets get started......I'll try to update and add things at least twice a week (maybe more) as to keep it somewhat  on the fresh side...
 So there you have it...My blog (and I'll promise never to type that word again ) is going to be the rantings of a lonely artist, who cant spell and will try his hardest to be amusing. As you can see below I've started posting my anti McCain-Palin posters. It's no secret that I am very worried about these two racist hate-mongers who between them don't have one decent  thought (o.k. don't get me started) 
I apologize, this first entry hasn't been funny or amusing and didn't even save your life as promised. It can only get better. Stay tuned........Time for a Martini....a strong one.

P.S. Don't forget to check out my new websites (you can click on the two images to the right) Also please feel free to leave comments and spelling corrections...O.K. It really is time for a martini. Stirred and shaken........Just like me.

COMING SOON: My upcoming trip to Liverpool ....The first video version of 'Postcard from Paris' plus much much more........

Tuesday, October 14, 2008