Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wipe that smirk off your face

This is my second favorite film after 'Billy Liar' (see blog entry below ) Its called 'The loneliness of the long distance runner' Why is it your second favorite film you ask? O.K. you didn't ask. I will tell you anyway. I am also very busy getting ready for my trip back to Miami tomorrow, that I'm not even sure I have time answer why..... O.K..... I will always take time to talk about myself (as some of you have already noticed) well someone has too.
Like the movie Billy Liar' this film had a huge effect on my life, even though it could not be further from upbringing. Basically its about a working class boy who gets into trouble with the law and is sent to a borstal (a boys reform school, 'Prison lite' one might say) He plays 'the game' to get in good standings with the school (much to his other inmates horror) and is selected to run against the public (private) school. The governor puts all of his (personal)hopes into the lead character (smith) only to be crushed at the end......I know we are all very busy in our lives doing god knows what. But I urge you to watch this little excerpt. It is the smirk at the end of the race, that has stayed in my mind since I first saw this film.Some people scream abuse, some people give the finger, some people smirk.I am, dear reader 'A Smirker' (not sure thats really a word). When ever I have been verbally abused or yelled at (that might be the same thing) its the little knowing grin on Smiths face that I pull from the deepest part of my soul (console, so to speak). I use to get in a lot of unwarranted trouble at school or at work. My teachers and bosses always thought I was laughing at them..I WAS, well not quite laughing. Its my way of saying 'you stupid little person, you don't fool or get me' I have met many many people in my life, who just were less than nothing.Silly little people, talentless hollow upstarts with power and a position to abuse (and they did) My weapon of choice was always my smirk (a grin if you wish).I don't suffer fools gladly.
So Im catching a plane to Miami tomorrow (oh joy!).I will try to use my expired gold American Airline card to get through the express line. It nearly always works.Once it didn't, and a very angry man starting lecturing me about standing in the proper lines, queuing etiquette of sorts.He wouldn't stop, he was loud and very frothy around the corners of is mouth.I thought maybe he had rabies.All this yelling!.....I stood there avoiding his spittle missiles for at least five minutes. I waited till he finished his rant. Then I gave him 'The Smirk. It works everytime (well at least for me)... I suggest you try it sometime, its very satisfying...The film is a little dated and hasn't really stood the test of time, my smirk on the other hand.

Now where did I put that gold card?

smirk |smərk|
verb [ intrans. ]
smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited, or silly way : Dr. Ali smirked in triumph. See note at smile .
a smug, conceited, or silly smile : Gloria pursed her mouth in a self-satisfied smirk.
smirker noun
smirkily |-kəlē| adverb
smirkingly adverb
smirky adjective
ORIGIN Old English sme(a)rcian, from a base shared by smile . The early sense was [to smile] ; it later gained a notion of smugness or silliness.


Anonymous said...

to conceal and not conceal at the same time....well writ with a smirk...

M the best google word verification...


thank you,......he says smiling

Neil said...

In my day, smirking was a crime, with the name "dumb insolence".


In my day as well........even now..Is there such a thing as 'S Knowing Smirk'?


I meant a knowing smirk not s knowing smirk ....

Anonymous said...

"Of course there is," she replied with a knowing smirk.....

How's Miami? Are you back in the groove on this side of the ocean? I've been trying to communicate with you. Are you in stealth mode again?
(smirk, smirk)