Sunday, April 19, 2009

book of the month

As you can probably guess from the dark and gloomy images above, I'm back in Europe, well Paris to be exact. As you probably all know, dark and gloomy are my middle names (even though I don't really have one...yet) Well let me explain.When I was in Miami I picked up a very very very (a million very's) heavy TV set. To say that I heard a orchestra of snaps and twangs is an under statement. Needless to say, I hurt myself.I hurt myself in places that don't have names, or if they do they are all in Latin. Thats all I'll say about this matter because a lot of you might be eating while reading this...Don't worry, Im getting better.......OUCH!!!

Which brings me to todays topic (yes there really is one, its not all going to be about my groin...sorry) I have had time to look at my past work this last week. This is something I don't often get a chance to do.The images above are from my 'Death Sentence' project. The images above are from that project but in book form.I sometimes like to take my projects and apply them to different mediums (books films etc).I made this book about a year ago and I just looked at it again after sometime.It got me excited again (as excited as I can get at the moment with this groin strain) It got all the brain cells firing at full throttle.This year I will produce this project in a box portfolio or a 'real' book.I will also start my film about this project. In fact I will shoot the first scene this month.I will tell you more about this later.Yes! I just got back to Paris and my brain is on fire again.I just wish I could get to the shops to buy some wine or better still some vodka.

It's for medicinal reasons you understand..o.k. o.k. I might just enjoy it as well.......


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Good for you!



thank you...i need something good