Wednesday, November 19, 2008

spike goes for a walk in north london...and so do I

This might just be the most beautiful dog in the world and his name is spike... Marilyn and David are the proud parents. M and D are the fab people I stayed with in London. David told me a grim story about a lady who was walking her large dog on Primrose hill (a nearby famous park) when her dog suddenly died. Totally in a panic she rushed home to find a bag to put her now dead dog inside.The only bag she had was her very expensive Luis Vuitton case. So she packed her dog inside the suitcase and started to drag it home. On the way back to her home, a robber spotted the woman dragging the case. Thinking this was a good opportunity to make some money from the VL bag, mugged her and took off with the case and the very dead dog.....

dog day afternoon (actually it was in the morning)

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Anonymous said...

What!! I would say that is a funny story...but what one does for an LV does.