Monday, November 10, 2008

An evening with April Ashley...Who?

Who may well ask...I wont go into the whole long amazing story now (its best to google her or go to the film section at But Im filming this event for my movie 'Au Revoir Monsieur Bonjour Mademoiselle'
So it's off to Liverpool (home of the fab four, only now, alas, the fab two) April is giving a talk about her life, and what a life it has been. Yes I know this poster looks very similar to the movie poster (below) but I'm a busy man.
Four days of shooting will probably be 5 minutes of footage I can actually use...Why am I doing this again? Painting was so much easier....then again.

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Cknole30 said...

Good luck with the filming...I'm sure it will be FAB!!! :-)