Tuesday, November 25, 2008

see me make a fool of myself in 5 minutes or less

Im going to post the letter the Wolfsonian Museum sent me (below)...It will save me typing,but first I'll explain a little, here goes .....I have 5 minutes to say and show something that will amuse designer/artist types. I'm calling my bit 'Everything I've done(visually) in the last month in 2-5 minutes give or take a second'. It should be fun (not for me but the viewer) hopefully.
The poster above is the one I produced last minute (because the Wolfsonian asked me last minute) that is included in the thoughts on democracy exhibition.... www.thoughtsondemocracy.blogspot.com/

Dear Philip:

Thank you for taking part in The Wolfsonian's Design Marathon: Five Minutes of Designed Freedom. It will be an exciting, jam-packed day, moderated by Debbie Millman, host of the internet radio show Design Matters. Thirty-five designers and artists are taking part in the program, which serves as an extension of the Thoughts on Democracy poster project.

It will take place at The Wolfsonian on Saturday, December 6 during Art Basel–Miami Beach. . The Design Marathon event begins at 1:00 and ends at 5:00 pm.

We are asking each participant to create a 2-5 minute visual/verbal presentation that will relate to, or build upon, the theme of Thoughts on Democracy. Whatever you choose to do—show your own work, the work of others past, present, or future; address issues or respond to the election, the economy, or the democratic process; and so forth—is fine with us. But please be prepared to do so in an engaging and/or entertaining five minutes or less.

Its a very interesting museum... www.wolfsonian.org

O.K. I had better start thinking about what i'm going to show..And I have to pack my things because I'm leaving for Miami thursday......now where did I put my suitcase and toothbrush?


Anonymous said...

last minute brilliance...

Anonymous said...

Please, could anyone do something for the wofsonian website?
Gosh, it is really dull and not user friendly
Couldn't find anything about the event...