Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to get there from here

I just got back from photographing this old water tower hidden deep in the 'Bois de Boulogne' (Yes I know, it seems I live in the woods) I found this beautiful old building about a year ago and its taken me all this time come across it again (I was never a boy scout, this could explain the time lapse). I have many ideas for this and other hidden buildings but more about that later. Strewn around this building are lots and lots of tissues and rubbers so it must be quite a popular place for , shall we say 'lovers in the night'. How come they can find this place in the pitch black and I cant even get near it during the day? Never mind... Well like I said, I have some plans for it. I took about 500 images and I will need to go back to shoot some more when the light hits it at the back (that should be around 11 in the morning) I just hope I can find my way back, maybe I should pay one of the 'ladies' that work there to guide me in (no pun intended) Then again maybe I should just buy a compass and some brain cells.
Better still a map.Don't worry, I will work it out.

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Anonymous said...

Now I see what you were talking about...that is a great find!