Friday, May 8, 2009

going dutch

I just spent less than a day in Amsterdam. I went to see a really beautiful gallery there (oh! and the man that owns it) The meeting went well. I hadn't been to Holland for a long long time, so it was long overdue. After my show and tell with Mr Willem( the gallery owner) I headed out into the world of canals, very tall older hippies and everything Van Gogh and Rembrandt, Oh! and the constant but faint smell of pot (which seemed to follow me around). I walked and walked this city because that is the best way to really view it. The second choice would be a bicycle. The third, a helicopter. I want to say that it resembled Venice because of the canals and old squashed together, leaning buildings, but it didn't. I have always loved the architecture in Holland as well as the design and some photography. Its a very stylish place. Pretty woman that are at ease with there looks, unlike the Parisian woman who look like they just swallowed a poodle.There is an organized chaos between the pedestrians, bicycles, trams and cars but it all seems to work like some mad plot that I wasn't let in on. I was a tourist that day as I wandered in and out of Amsterdam.I was thrilled to see this beautiful city. My photographs above are just stupid snap shots but I even enjoyed taking simple photos without the burden of a project hanging over my head.
Now Im back in Paris and its back to' The Doll' project.The Dutch gallery man described the images like being punched in the face, so I know I'm on the right track.
Going Dutch was a very good idea,Its something I haven't done for a long time. Click on the images above to make larger (if you so wish)


Anonymous said...

It sounds as though you will be back.

Very promising meeting...and yes, there is no will be a powerful showing.


Anonymous said...

You must have travelled through a beautiful country nestled in between your French departure and Dutch arrival.