Thursday, January 22, 2009

lights... camera...edit?

If you scroll down on my blog you will see (on the right hand side) the image above. There you will find all the little films I have made. I'm telling you this dear reader as a added service we (It's only me but 'we' sounded bigger) offer here at the blog. O.K. O.K. I'm saying this because 2 people complained they couldn't find my films on my blog. So that solves that little problem... It seems a tad strange to be editing yet another little film about Paris with the waves of Miami singing there sweet song outside. I wonder where I should edit the big film I'm making 'Au Revoir Monsieur Bonjour Mademoiselle' (The life of April Ashley) I shot that in Nice Paris London and liverpool. Oh well I have plenty of time to worry about that. Meantime stay tuned for the next little film, It was shot over Washington while the 'swearing in' was happening, and I have exclusive images ...How is that for a teaser...Then again maybe I'll post the Paris balloon film first...Then again.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your films Philip...and look forward to seeing your film on April Ashley...enjoy Miami...try to rest...nice teaser.

All the best...M


thats me...I'm all about the tease..

Anonymous said...

I will wisely be silent...and smile.



and what a smile it is